Family Repurposed

Plan?  What Plan? 
When looking into my past dating and relationships were never my forte, in fact they about drove me to the breaking point of madness, so at the age of twenty-six I developed a plan to end the insanity!  It was called the THREE YEAR PLAN and if executed properly, I would reach my relationship goals by the age of thirty.  Many close friends and most of my family were fully aware of my plan and my intentions of executing the plan fully.  Don’t get the idea that I was a ragging chick worried about my “natural clock”, but I found it a self challenge and a humorous endeavor to seek out!  I clearly stated my objectives, which I feel you should do, and mapped out a plan to accomplish my goals.  (Please know that no one was injured or harmed during the making of this plan)
  • year 1 – find someone and date them
  • year 2 – marry them
  • year 3 – have a baby
I turned twenty-seven in February and in March I met Brent and as much as I would like to take credit for it,  I could never have planned something like that… so here is my shout out to God…  “I know it was strange how you lead us together, but THANK YOU!  WHOO HOO”
I turned twenty-eight in February and in November of year 2, Brent and I got married in one of the most crazy, unpredictable, dysfunctional, good time weddings you could ever imagine.  It is one that is still talked about years and years later!  I will tell you more about this awesome day at a later time, but for those of you who were there – GOOD TIMES GOOD TIMES!
I turned twenty-nine in February and in October of year 3, Skye was born!  My FAMILY HAD BEEN REPURPOSED!
Just an FYI – I turned thirty in February and for the first time ever – I told Brent about the “3 YEAR PLAN” !  Can you believe he never knew?!?!  He quickly sketched out his 3 YEAR PLAN on how to make me the “Perfect Wife”…. 
Swing with me into the story on how our family has grown, our struggles and our good times!

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