Monday, April 30, 2012

The Bucket List

Live for the moment!

The BUCKET LIST, everyone talks about it, some have given it deep thought, others might have gone the extra step and put it on paper, but usually it is only in fun....

As I have progressed through the last couple busy weeks of my life, I have gone about my business like I have all the time in the world.  But as I sit on the front porch in my swing today and reflect I realize that I have shed a  few tears the last couple of weeks and it hasn't been because of PMS!  It seems that everywhere I look, everything I listen to, everyone around me has been touch with a loss of some sort in their lives.  The news is full of car crashes, Facebook is full of prayer request, and the stupid talk shows that I have on in the background while I am cleaning the house are telling stories of families losing the ones they love, children being left without parents, and diseases that we can't cure!  WOW - it has really started getting too me!  

First thing I am going to do is tune out for awhile!  No need to fill my head with sadness, instead I am going to take these reminders to make sure that I live for the day and know that God will heal those in need... they say "he doesn't ever gives us more than we can handle"...  

Second thing I am going to do is focus on that stupid bucket list idea that everyone is talking about!  I have often made comments of the things I want to do, but I am going to make the commitment to get started, if I finish before my time, well I'll just start another one!

Laurie's Bucket List 

I am going to learn a second language!
I am going to live in another country for at least a year!
I am going to run a Marathon with my husband!
I am going to visit all 50 states!
I am going to renew my wedding vows on a beautiful tropical island!
I am going to become a snowbird and live in Florida or Arizona during the winter!
I am going to stop biting my nails!
I am going to know that I was the best Mom I could be!
I am going to kiss my husband on top of the Eiffel Tower!
I am going to eat sushi in Japan!
I am going to take a gondola ride in Venice!
I am going to try to get on The Price Is Right!
I am going to become a Yoga instructor!
I am going to dance in the audience of the Ellen Degeneres Show!
I am going to take Salsa dance lessons with my husband and dance the night away in Brazil!
I am going to send a message in a bottle!
I am going to travel Route 66 from start to finish and see all the stupid stuff in the travel guide!
I am going to do missionary work in another country!
I am going to be a host mom for a foreign exchange student!
I am going to see all three of my children baptized!
I am going to live a happy life!
The End... for now!

What do you want to do with your life?  
If you need ideas to get started on your own Bucket List here are a couple of sites I found that inspired me. 

Get to swinging and write you Bucket List... it is really something that makes you think!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I am just weird...

  • There are 17 different species of penguins... who knew!
  • If I can kill ants with Windex, I wonder what straight ammonia would do?
  • The bottom of my fridge is nasty!
  • I love my Pastor!
  • They should have toilet paper rolls on display at the store so you can try it before you buy it!
  • My arms are flappy.
  • It was really mean of me to call one of my kids lazy the other day...shame on me!
  • I wonder if I would look like an idiot if I put my pink flamingos in the front yard?
  • Crackin up cause the boys thought that the frozen lasagna that I made they other night was the best thing I had ever cooked!
  • I am overwhelmed by to dos
  • I love my Dyson
  • My house is loud
  • My Grandma is such a Lady!
  • My husband is really smart
  • What is it with  my kids messing with their straws?
  • I am going to start recycling today!
  • I wonder what I can do with this roll of bright pink duct tape?
  • Crap,  I have to buy Easter candy...
  • SpongeBob is a good friend!
  • I hope this load of socks is one of the last ones I do this season.
  • I wonder if I should have a bail fund instead of a college fund - Just in case?
  • I think that Damon on the Vampire Diaries is HOT!
  • Lovin me some Johnny and June!
  • Why does my neighbor like to use pure cow crap on his garden... please let the wind blow another direction!
  • Band-aids heal everything immediately
  • Boys are born with a built in motor......BRUMMMMMMM BRUMMMMMMM
  • I hate automatic updates!
  • Seriously... I have to UNLOAD this dishwasher again?
  • What did I do to get stuck between two houses that don't know how to mow their lawns!  
  • I am happy for my Dad today!
  • I wish my brothers lived closer!
  • I can hardly wait to give my parent's their birthday gift... I might have to do it early!  I am such a bad gift giver... I never can wait!
  • I am glad my boys aren't too old to be dressed alike!
  • I am excited to spend the summer with Brent!
  • WoW - the bushes in front of my house are BEAUTIFUL!
  • I wish the stupid tire on my Vette would stop going flat!  Shame on who ever keeps stealing my valve stems!
  • I need to read my Bible more!
  • Remember to FORGIVE
  • Someone told me that if you chew gum while you cut your onions you won't cry... I wonder if that is true???
  • I think I am going to have to see Titanic in 3D.
  • Easter Sunday will be a fun day to see all of the fam!
  • Is gas really going to be $6.00/gallon?
  • Politics suck - and so do our choices!
This is just a few thoughts that went through my head between 8AM and Noon....