Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I am just weird...

  • There are 17 different species of penguins... who knew!
  • If I can kill ants with Windex, I wonder what straight ammonia would do?
  • The bottom of my fridge is nasty!
  • I love my Pastor!
  • They should have toilet paper rolls on display at the store so you can try it before you buy it!
  • My arms are flappy.
  • It was really mean of me to call one of my kids lazy the other day...shame on me!
  • I wonder if I would look like an idiot if I put my pink flamingos in the front yard?
  • Crackin up cause the boys thought that the frozen lasagna that I made they other night was the best thing I had ever cooked!
  • I am overwhelmed by to dos
  • I love my Dyson
  • My house is loud
  • My Grandma is such a Lady!
  • My husband is really smart
  • What is it with  my kids messing with their straws?
  • I am going to start recycling today!
  • I wonder what I can do with this roll of bright pink duct tape?
  • Crap,  I have to buy Easter candy...
  • SpongeBob is a good friend!
  • I hope this load of socks is one of the last ones I do this season.
  • I wonder if I should have a bail fund instead of a college fund - Just in case?
  • I think that Damon on the Vampire Diaries is HOT!
  • Lovin me some Johnny and June!
  • Why does my neighbor like to use pure cow crap on his garden... please let the wind blow another direction!
  • Band-aids heal everything immediately
  • Boys are born with a built in motor......BRUMMMMMMM BRUMMMMMMM
  • I hate automatic updates!
  • Seriously... I have to UNLOAD this dishwasher again?
  • What did I do to get stuck between two houses that don't know how to mow their lawns!  
  • I am happy for my Dad today!
  • I wish my brothers lived closer!
  • I can hardly wait to give my parent's their birthday gift... I might have to do it early!  I am such a bad gift giver... I never can wait!
  • I am glad my boys aren't too old to be dressed alike!
  • I am excited to spend the summer with Brent!
  • WoW - the bushes in front of my house are BEAUTIFUL!
  • I wish the stupid tire on my Vette would stop going flat!  Shame on who ever keeps stealing my valve stems!
  • I need to read my Bible more!
  • Remember to FORGIVE
  • Someone told me that if you chew gum while you cut your onions you won't cry... I wonder if that is true???
  • I think I am going to have to see Titanic in 3D.
  • Easter Sunday will be a fun day to see all of the fam!
  • Is gas really going to be $6.00/gallon?
  • Politics suck - and so do our choices!
This is just a few thoughts that went through my head between 8AM and Noon....  

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