Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fear This!

How scared are you today?   How scared were you yesterday?  

As adults, we like to refer to ourselves as having anxiety - not fear!  Do you remember when you were a kid and those few moments in your life when you were truly scared!  The first roller-coaster, the first water-slide, the first sleepover, the first scary movie, the thought of be separated from your parent's, the first time you learned about hell?  Well, we experienced a moment with Drake, our middle child, this week where he had to deal with true fear!  LEARNING TO RIDE A BIKE!

Some might say, learning to ride a bike isn't that big of a deal...  I thought I agreed!  But, Drake's level of fear rivaled that of falling into a black hole!  You have to remember - everyone says that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget - so this was history and a life skill that we were getting ready to embark on - BIG DEAL!

1st trip down the hill

Finally after many tears, begging, bribing, and telling him to do it "because I said so"... we finally made it down the hill in the grass!  There is something about going downhill in the grass that makes a kiddo proud...  and a Daddy too!

Bottom of 1st trip down the hill

And just like that, his fear was put to rest... mind you that it still creeps up now and then, but overall the big part is gone!

As an adult, I have learned to deal with those silly kiddo fears, I fear BIG things now, car crashes, childhood diseases in my children, losing my children, dying while my children are young, losing Brent in death or illness... pretty heavy stuff huh?  If only, I could just cry, be bribed, deal with it "just because someone told me too", and just get on my bike and ride down a beautiful green hill to make all my fear go away - I WOULD SO DO IT!!!!   Would you?

This last week we were out on the road, many miles of highway, car full of not so quiet children, heavy rain, and 7800 lbs of camper behind us, an overall stressful situation.  As we were driving down the road, I realized that I never fear or worry when Brent is driving - I trust him and believe in him completely, even in scary situations!  I feel in my heart that there isn't anywhere he can't go or anything he can't do when driving, I feel 100% safe!  Then I thought a little deeper, I trust him the same way about our marriage, then I thought further and realized that I should really put God in the drivers seat the same way I put my husband there! THEN WE HAD A BLOWOUT!

Weird?  Odd?  Kinda Creepy?  You betcha!   I think God just gave me the answer to my question!  

long rainy highway

Our fears are serious, they come in different shapes and sizes, they are big and small, some are temporary and some are lifelong, but all are controllable with the right heart.  Most of us keep our fears to ourselves or at the most to those very close to us. Some of us are strong willed and deal with our fears face first and some, like my husband, deal with fears by ignoring them and hoping they go away or fix themselves!  Regardless of how you deal with yours or how you deal with those around you that have fear, find peace in the Lord and know that it is within your own heart to control your fear.  You can't control the world and you can't control God's will, so enjoy your day with a fresh mind free of fear and worry and know that there is a plan!  Sometimes it seems like a really bad plan, but you don't know what that really bad plan might be saving you from!

I want to extend a challange to everyone, to remember a simple key to life... the world isn't just the 100 mile radius that you live in!  There is so much out there that didn't even cross you mind today - you go about your life only fearing for yourself!  Your biggest problem today was that there was a slow driver in the fast lane! Why don't you knock it up a notch and share some of the fears of others like our orphans and our abused children, if you feel that your day can't be complete without worrying about something, worry about the greater good and bettering life for everyone around you!  This is the type of fear that God wants us to have - the fear of urgency!  The fear of running out of time to help those who need the help the most, those with empty hearts and broken spirits!  

Don't swing through life being self absorbed and fearful of what you can't change, be fearful of what you can do and how little time we have to do it... share the word, share your heart!


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