Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

It is officially day 4 of  8 of Spring Break and I am about to jump ship and abandon the rest of my family!  They are on my LAST NERVE!

If you would like for me to write a blog that sounds politically correct, I would say how much I was enjoying our time together and that it was moments like this that I would treasure forever, but I am sorry to say that isn't reality in MY world, and for those of you that think it is REAL in your world - please email me your secrets!

We are out on the "open road" in our 33' Travel Trailer, a Keystone Sprinter Bunkhouse complete with all the bells and whistles!  We had big plans, we were going to hit "uncharted" territory and embrace all of God's beautiful wonders within the Midwest!  We even scrapped up our change from the bottom of the dump box for gas money.... Well, my friends, here we are less then 100 miles from home in Branson, MO, a place we visit more than 6-8 times a year - not quite the "uncharted" territory we were hoping for!

Why, you might ask... STORMS.... BIG STORMS... and when you have over 7500 lbs strapped to your a** in pouring rain - you don't make it far!

We are at Table Rock Lake and it is beautiful, don't get me wrong, and we are grateful for our time here, don't misunderstand that either!  But, we would love the opportunity to hike, bike, and grill over the fire - not brace ourselves for "high winds"! Contrary to popular belief, it isn't ALWAYS fun when the trailer starts rockin!  (lol)

I know that I have sounded very negative about our trip so far, but maybe it is just that it isn't exactly what this "type A" personality had planned for vacation.  It wasn't smart for us to plan to park next to the playground with a almost two-year old that doesn't understand that it is pouring rain and he can't go outside, or he doesn't understand that you can't scream over and over at bedtime - right when quiet hours begin!  Does he not understand how much stress this puts on the Snyder's to keep up with the Jones's next door???

I don't want you to think that our trip has been a total loss or that we haven't enjoyed anything about the other members of our family - because, NO MATTER WHAT we love each other - but liking each other might be a different story!  We have watched a ton of movies, eaten a lot of marshmallows (unroasted), went to Silver Dollar City, and spent a whole day THRIFT STORE shopping! - Now that is what I am talking about!  I was able to score a new crock pot, dish rack, trash can, and TWO PINK FLAMINGOS for the RV!  Thank you Lord for the small blessings you provide!

I do love them- it is a true test of a family to spend multiple days in a 33' x 12' space. I am proud of my parenting skills and the fact that I have my children and husband with me in such a small space and it doesn't feel "WEIRD" to be sooooo close to each other!  We are a true family - despite our crazy moments were we can't stand each other, my boys will remember this forever and if they don't I WILL REMIND THEM when they have kids of their own!

I am hoping to swing into a new campground tomorrow - stay with me to see if we all come out alive LOL!



  1. I enjoyed reading your blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I have fun writing it!