Thursday, March 15, 2012

Girlfriends Spring Evening Get-Together

Holy Crap, I will just die if anyone sees my house looking like this! 

Have you ever had this thought? I do about every time I see someone walking down the sidewalk in front of my house. I have a horrible pit in my stomach that shouts...PICK UP THE DIRTY UNDERWEAR - FAST! Well, here is the solution to that problem - schedule frequent gatherings at your home! This is the method to my madness, PRESSURE! 

When keeping a home, it is important to remember a few important tips:

 ***Lady's Rule #? - always have towels hanging in your bathroom, and not the ones you just showered with! Keep some towels in the house that are for guest use only... hide your daily towels behind the shower curtain - it usually takes a nosy or a long term guest to look behind the "curtain"! 

 ***Lady's Rule #? - stash your dirty dishes in the stove or under the sink! I learned this trick from my Great Aunt Ora. I didn't really catch on to her wisdom, until many years after she was gone - God Bless Her! 

***Lady's Rule #? - Always make sure your house smells good... if it doesn't - get rid of the husband and kids and it will smell pretty again (that is one of those "just kidding" moments) The SMELL, that brings me to my next point, tonight I scheduled a gathering at my house, because I felt like it was getting a little stale and I needed a little pressure to get it up and running for spring! 

Windows open, trees blooming, sun shining - OOHHH WHAT IS THAT SMELL? 

That's what it was - a scentsy party! I wanted to make sure that I had time to enjoy my evening with my girlfriends, but I also wanted to make sure that didn't stink up my house with cooking smells, so I had to think outside the box and think about ways to provide a lite dinner without having to prepare right before my guest arrived or while they were here. I came up with an idea of spring baskets and picnics... when you have a picnic you 1.) prepare ahead, 2.) use disposable items, and 3.) it is already divided into individual servings.

Here is what I came up with:

Ladies Picnic Lunch/Dinner Idea

I searched the Internet for ideas and found that I needed to gather a little from there and a little from there to meet my expectations!

First, I hit the Dollar Tree and it is the month before Easter, so baskets galore and cheap!  I bought what they had and a variety of colors, then added tissue paper as a liner. I picked up clear plastic serving cups to fill with an individual salad and a "pre-bought" mini cupcake from one of the gourmet cupcake shops that seem to be everywhere nowadays!  (It was easier for me to purchase then to make - I am not a successful baker, so the sweets are better left to the professionals) I then picked up cheap plastic forks and a variety of napkins, and some wax paper!  Now I was ready to assemble the meal.

Item #1: Chicken Pita Sandwich

Item #2 Strawberry Spinach Salad

Cupcake from Star Cakes

Bottle of Soda;
I served a variety of Grape, Orange, and Strawberry - all in bottles!

Last, but most important;
A personal item that you make for your girlfriends to let them know that the quick dinner didn't mean you didn't put any time in on them:   HOMEMADE LIPGLOSS!

Yum - Smile

The great thing about tonight's festivities are: 
  • Clean House
  • It gave me a reason to have more fresh flowers in the house
  • Dinner was ready by 2PM today - therefore there weren't any dishes to do tonight
  • Awesome time with the Girlfriends for me and Awesome time with the kiddos for Brent
  • Everyone enjoyed the meal and thought it was an adorable awesome idea
  • My friend Shannon hosted her 1st Scentsy Party and totally rocked it out!
Daisies make me smile!

I am NOW enjoying a glass of wine with NO REGRETS!  My home is PEACEFUL!

Getting ready to swing into the weekend!


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