Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm BACK>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Just when you thought you could delete this blog off your list of things you never look at, I have decided to put my world back into yours!  

I haven't posted since June and here is a list of some of the reasons why:

Gulf Shores  Beach, Gulf Shores, AL 2012

1.  We traveled all over the place this summer in our travel trailer... our crazy family rocked out Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama .... email me or leave a comment if you need any ideas on traveling in these states I have tons of info to pass on!  

2.  We found out that we were going to be a family of 6!  Our new addition is due on March 18th, 2013 and we recently found out that God knew what he was doing and is giving me another BOY!  We will be welcoming Axel Remington Snyder into our world before we know it!

3.  We didn't think we could wait until March to become a family of 6, so we opened our doors to a new family member in August, his name is Lukas, he is 15 and from Dusseldorf, Germany!  He is here on a foreign exchange program with the local high school and will be staying with us until June.  He is a true blessing and a great fit for our insane crazy family! 

But now to the real reason for me to start blogging again...

It is time for us to REPURPOSE our world again!  This time we are going for the challenge of repurposing our BASEMENT!  I have decided with a minimum of 4 boys + Brent in the house it is time for some much needed recreational space.  I am going to share over the next weeks and hopefully not months the crazy processes that the PROFESSIONAL SNYDER DIY'ER TEAM go through, invent, imagine, and actually can do!  I will share budget, supplies, and processes...   (this should be fun!)  

Our basement is poured concrete that is almost 70 years old!
Our basement is close to 1800 sq feet, we will be focusing on finishing approximately 1200 sq feet of this space during this round of home improvements.
Our basement has water issues
We don't have very much $$$$
This isn't meant to look like a professional job, but meant as a space for some rowdiness, play, and informal hanging out!

This is not intended to be a perfectly finished product that would meet "high living" standards, but it is meant to be a space that is able to be used by our children as they grow up... the nice stuff will come when we decide later in our lives as empty nesters if we want a properly done complete basement finish or an income suite to supplement our income as we travel around the US in our Motor Coach!  LOL

Step 1 is in process as I speak:
Clean out the space!  Remember this house is almost 70 years old... we have some CLEANING to do!  

As I sit here typing (unknown to Brent) he is downstairs with all of the boys carrying everything out and stashing it where ever he can find a place!   

Once we have everything out we will use the shop vac to clean the floors and all of the creepy stuff out of the dark corners, we will be breaking down some of the shelving units that have been put up over the years to make sure that we can reach every nook and cranny with our waterproofing plans.

The cost of Step 1 = $0   Amount of time for Step 1 = 8 solid hours 
The running total of the project = $0 / 8 hours

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