Sunday, August 18, 2013

I am still alive, but I feel like a Zombie Mommy!

.................breath..............ok breath more time............. ahhhh!

I did it - I made it through the 1st week of school!  I am celebrating Skye being in 4th grade!  I am celebrating Drake being in 3rd grade!  I am celebrating ANY day I make it with sassy pants 3 year old Oliver! I am celebrating massive amounts of drool, eating baby food, and big SMILES for 5 month old Axel!  I am celebrating Brent's 4th year of repeating 1st Grade!  I am celebrating that it is 11PM and I am still sitting in an upright position!  I am in such a celebrating mood, I might have that glass of wine I have been thinking about!

This is a new year (school year)and at our home our lives are just plain crazy and it is very hard for me to even think for a minute that I have time for ANYTHING at this moment, including sitting here and explaining to all of you what my heart is thinking!  But I DO!!!!    

I read a story the other day that reminded me of life, not the life I have, but the life that I am suppose to have.  The one of love, differences, and the joys of the world that we seem to rush by and forget!   I would encourage everyone to take a look, remember, and reflect on our attitudes and actions towards the young kiddos in our lives this year and how we can impact their future, their demeanor, and their person by our actions as adults!  

The day I stopped saying Hurry Up!

We are the adults, they are the children... let them be just that... 

(expect more from me, I am back on the blogging bandwagon!)
The Eccentric Snyder Family taking a moment to smell the fresh air at Garden of the God's

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